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Empowering Girls One Move at a Time....


Coach girls in beginner to intermediate level chess so that they can independently play & participate in competitive tournaments.


Help build a community of young women chess players by creating connections & cultivating comraderies.


Provide weekly lessons and organize tournaments. Educate on benefits of chess in school & life. 


Spark interest & excitement among  participants to make it a after-school hobby as well as a competitive sport.


Sustain participation by building their abilities & friendly connections so that they remain motivated to continue with chess.

Our Mission

“We aim to ENGAGE young women in chess and help them use the skills to ENRICH their lives, ENHANCE their communities, and EMPOWER their personalities.”

Our Programs

Through weekly chess lessons, puzzles, and training games we plan to build the knowledge-base and skill-set required to be a chess player.  We will train you to participate in tournaments and provide you with opportunities to participate in local tournaments and events conducted by our partners.

Participate in Weekly Lessons

Weekly chess lessons conducted virtually over Zoom. Zoom links will be sent out one hour before the class time. Please fill out the interest form below to get started. Students will be placed in Beginner or Intermediate group based on their experience and ability.


Practice Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to exercise your mind, practice the strategies learned in class, and improve your game while having fun. Students will be assigned puzzles to work on as homework. Solutions will be provided in the following class along with strategies to solve them.


Play Tournaments

Students will be trained and encouraged to play in tournaments. We will periodically share information about local tournaments and events organized by our partners. While it is great to challenge yourself and strive to push one’s boundaries to continuously improve, it is also perfectly fine to enjoy the game and play for recreation.


Why Play Chess?

Research has proven multiuple benefits of chess in developing cognitive, social, and emotional abilities across all ages and genders. It helps boost memory, focus, creativity, and IQ; build problem-solving, planning, and inter-personal skills along with ability to see things from other’s perspective. In young girls, it has a tremendous effect in building confidence, creating meaningful connections, and establishing a culture of positivity and encouragement that helps breakdown stereotypical attitudes .




“If we talk about pure abilities and skills, I believe there should be no reason why women cannot play as well as men.”

–Susan Polgar

Join our movement to empower girls through chess…become our ambassador or volunteer with us! 

“Chess is the gymnasium of the mind.”
– Blaise Pascal

Invest in your QUEEN…she can move in ways a King can’t..

“The single most important thing in life is to believe in yourself regardless of what everyone else says”. – Hikaru Nakamura.


Meet Our Team

Devanshi Kothari

Founder & Executive Director

Strong Proponent of Female Empowerment through Chess, STEM Education, & Social Advocacy.

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Chess Resources

We will be posting valuable lessons, games, and other resources from the top rated chess players and websites for your learning. 

Top 10 Chess Openings

Watch Kevin explain the top 1o openings in the below video on

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Middle Game Strategies

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End Game Strategies

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